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Standard Trading is proud to have a growing and important international business. We have sales offices located in many country, but through a wide distribution network, Standard Trading services can be found around the world.By monitoring the international market,we try everyday to provide the best price for our customers. Keep checking our website for special offers or simply ask us by mail for them.Due to our international contacts, we are always ready to find you any brand you are looking for in a competitive price.The main range of our business activity is distribution of global consumer goods from well-known manufacturers:Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Henkel, Ferrero, Masterfood. Moreover, for those who look to introduce new brands to their market, we can offer them a portfolio of high quality brands.Our contacts include experienced freight forwarders and moving companies delivering your ordered goods on time and to any address. We always make sure to minimize the transportation cost to keep our prices competitive for our customers. Our customers can benefit from our friendly services and professional help. We answer all your questions sent by mail within 24 hours.

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..Code and Policies.

Our code and policies are not simply sets of rules: they are written to give helpful guidance to employees on how to bring our values to life every day. Our Code is underpinned by a number of global policies covering specific areas of our activities. We review our policy regime every year to ensure that we take account of any changes in our external environment.

Standard Trading has a highly qualified staff with great experience and business contacts in the FMCG industry. That's why our personnel is the guarantee of a methodical and systematic range of  operation. Their implication in their work and efficient management model makes our services authentic and truthful, a standard that we offer to our clients.

We realize that our status and the confidence give to our company is also a huge obligation that rests upon us. We accept this challenge, aiming for new successes and choosing the best standards of collaboration with our partners. The range of our purchases allow us to present approving conditions for a large range of products at very competitive prices.Our products, can be adapted depending the orders of our customers.

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